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Congressman Franks is considering lawsuit over birth documents

We though the birther issue has been put to rest…

Congressman Trent Franks from Arizona is considering filing a lawsuit to put President Obama on the spot over his birth documents.  The Mohave Daily News reported Rep Franks made the though public at this Town Hall Meeting over the weekend.

Rep Franks said there is not enough evidence that Obama is not an American citizen.  Franks indicated that there is conflicting evidence of Obama’s citizenship.  Rep Franks what’s to know why Obama did not simply produce a birth certificate?

ACLU is suing to remove Cross in the Mojave Desert

After WWI many U.S. soldiers moved to the Californian desert to find physical and emotional healing. In 1934, they erected a memorial to honor their fallen comrades, a single white cross, – a symbol used around the world to memorialize those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The site for the memorial was chosen because at a certain time of day, the sun casts a shadow on the rock which resembles a WWI doughboy. For more than 75 years, the memorial has stood as a reminder that there were those who fought and died for our freedoms.

 But sadly today, the ACLU and a federal judge in California want to tear it down. In fact, the judge has ordered the memorial covered from view while the case is on appeal.

 Please join us in saying “don’t tear me down.”

 Sign our petition of support by adding your name here.

 We think Americans should honor their war heroes and the freedoms they so valiantly protect; and we’re taking our case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court this fall. Please join us in this battle.

Justin Barrett sues mayor and commissioner of Boston

Justin Barrett is a Boston Police Officer who used a racial slur to describe the Harvard professor Mr. Henry Gates Jr.  The police say he used the racial slur in an email referring to the arrest of Mr. Gates.  In his federal suit against Boston and the mayor, Mr Barrett is claiming his civil rights have been violated.

Officer Justin Barrett said in the suit filed Monday that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis acted as “prosecutor, judge, jury” by saying that Barrett faces termination. The police department and city are also named as defendants.

I don’t believe Mr Barrett has a leg to stand on!  There is no room for bigotry in any department of authority.  I am sure the police department and the laws of Massachusetts agree with me.  Mr Barrett was in the position to act responsible and he choose not too!  Now you have to pay the price of your racist words and inflamatory behavior Mr Barrett!  We cannot tolerate such behavior from a person with any power!

UPDATE: Larry King Interview

Hepatitis A employee at McDonald’s infects patrons

Twenty two people got sick and more then 4500 people received preventive shots during a recent hepatitis A outbreak in Illinois and Iowa.  Two employees at a McDonald’s Illinois restaurant were among the sickened. 

Rock Island County Health Department in Illinos and Scott County Health Department in Iowa investigated the outbreak and held a vaccine clinic at the Rock Island High School and drew more then 4400 people Monday and Tuesday.

Two lawsuits have been filed. One from a family claiming their son was hospitalized for four days after eating at the Milan McDonald’s in Northwestern Illinois.   The other lawsuit from a man who got preventive shots after eating at the same restaurant.

Seattle attorney Bill Marler represents the plaintiffs in both lawsuits and is seeking a class action status in the case.

The owner of the franchised McDonald’s, Kevin Murphy, made a statement that he and his staff took immediate action to address concerns raised by county health officials as soon as they identified the problem.

Lawsuit: Man claims he found used condom in his soup

A mission Viejo, CA man has sued a local California Claim Jumper restaurant claiming he ordered French Onion Soup and bit into a condom instead of melted cheese.



Zdenek Philip Hodousek filed the lawsuit July 21 in Orange Sounty Superior Court seeking unspecified damages over fears he may have contracted a disease.  He wants to have the restaurant employees DNA tested to find a match to the used condom.

The restaurant PR firm says no one can prove that the condom submitted to a lab for testing came from the restaurant.  Also, that the restaurant did an internal probe and revealed no employee was involved in the wrongdoing.

Did you know the Smiley Face Cookie is trademarked???

Eat 'n Park's Signature Smiley Cookies

Eat 'n Park's Signature Smiley Cookies

Eat ‘n Park Hospitality Group from Homestead, PA is suing Forget-Me-Knot Gifts out of Edgewater, NJ because Eat ‘n Park alleges Forget-Me-Knot Gifts sells a “Smiley Face” cookie in catalogs and on the Internet that infringes on the trademark territory of it’s own Smiley cookies.

Is this a crazy!  How in the world can a company trademark happiness!  or a Smile?????  Wouldn’t the Smiley Face be public domain?

Life is truly like a box of chocolate!