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Justin Barrett sues mayor and commissioner of Boston

Justin Barrett is a Boston Police Officer who used a racial slur to describe the Harvard professor Mr. Henry Gates Jr.  The police say he used the racial slur in an email referring to the arrest of Mr. Gates.  In his federal suit against Boston and the mayor, Mr Barrett is claiming his civil rights have been violated.

Officer Justin Barrett said in the suit filed Monday that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis acted as “prosecutor, judge, jury” by saying that Barrett faces termination. The police department and city are also named as defendants.

I don’t believe Mr Barrett has a leg to stand on!  There is no room for bigotry in any department of authority.  I am sure the police department and the laws of Massachusetts agree with me.  Mr Barrett was in the position to act responsible and he choose not too!  Now you have to pay the price of your racist words and inflamatory behavior Mr Barrett!  We cannot tolerate such behavior from a person with any power!

UPDATE: Larry King Interview