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Actor in swine flu ad catches swine flu!

The actor from a popular UK public service announcement about how to avoid swine flu … has been diagnosed with swine flu.

In the advertisement (video above) from the U.K. Department of Health, actor David McCusker first sneezes the “wrong” way in an elevator, spraying mucus everywhere, then sneezes the “right” way — into a tissue, which he promptly throws away and washes his hands.

The campaign’s tagline: “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It.” 

Except now, according to the Daily Mail, McCusker has been diagnosed with swine flu.

“It was a shock when I found out,” McCusker told the paper.

“I quarantined myself and I’ve been getting lots of [grief] from mates,” he said. “I was supposed to ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’ but instead I’ve been shivering, shaking and spreading it.”

About 36 people have died from the Swine Flu Virus in the UK.

Woman in UK was refused ambulance, gave birth on sidewalk!

‘They said they were not sending an ambulance and told me I had had nine months to sort out a lift.’

A 27 year old pregnant mother, Carmen Blake, gave birth on the sidewalk outside the Royal Infirmary after she called her midwife to ask for an ambulance as she went into labour with her fourth child.

She was advised to go into a hot bath and then make her own way over to the hospital.

Ms. Blake said “I went into the bath and realised she was going to come quickly. I didn’t think I’d be able to make it out of the bath, so I phoned the maternity ward back and told them to get an ambulance out. ‘They said they were not sending an ambulance and told me I had had nine months to sort out a lift.’

Experienced mother Ms Blake today said she knew she had to get herself out of the bath and try to get to the hospital.  ‘The friends with me would have had no idea what to do. I knew at that point that she was nearly here so I had to get out of the house,’ she said.  ‘I thought if I got across the road then at least somebody would be able to help me.  ‘I left the house and got to the end of the close, but there was no-one around to help.’  Eventually Ms Blake and her friends enlisted the help of a physiotherapist who happened to be passing on her way to work.

She dialled 999 and helped deliver baby Mariah while waiting for emergency services.

Baby Mariah Blake

Baby Mariah Blake

She even helped remove the cord from around the tot’s neck, Ms Blake said today.

She said: ‘I don’t really remember much after that. Mariah was born, then the paramedics arrived then after that the midwives arrived. I think I went into shock.

‘It’s just lucky that the physio was there.’

Today a spokeswoman for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust said: ‘We are disappointed that Ms Blake was not happy with the advice and care she received and will of course investigate any complaint.

‘We are pleased that both Ms Blake and her daughter are well and healthy.

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Hennessy, Baby Mariah, Carmen and Malachi Blake

Hennessy, Baby Mariah, Carmen and Malachi Blake

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