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Hepatitis A employee at McDonald’s infects patrons

Twenty two people got sick and more then 4500 people received preventive shots during a recent hepatitis A outbreak in Illinois and Iowa.  Two employees at a McDonald’s Illinois restaurant were among the sickened. 

Rock Island County Health Department in Illinos and Scott County Health Department in Iowa investigated the outbreak and held a vaccine clinic at the Rock Island High School and drew more then 4400 people Monday and Tuesday.

Two lawsuits have been filed. One from a family claiming their son was hospitalized for four days after eating at the Milan McDonald’s in Northwestern Illinois.   The other lawsuit from a man who got preventive shots after eating at the same restaurant.

Seattle attorney Bill Marler represents the plaintiffs in both lawsuits and is seeking a class action status in the case.

The owner of the franchised McDonald’s, Kevin Murphy, made a statement that he and his staff took immediate action to address concerns raised by county health officials as soon as they identified the problem.