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Congressman Barney Frank blows a gasket at Town Hall Meeting


Controversial Poster of Obama smoking

Yes we Cannabis

Yes we Cannabis

The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws has produced a psychedelic 1960 style poster with a “college freshman” Obama smoking cannabis.  Obama is wearing his Panama hat and instead of smoking a cigarette, the artist put in a marijuana cigarette.

The artist Sonia Sanchez created the poster for the annual conference for NORML.

The original photographer, Lisa Jack, Barack Obama’s college classmate at Occidental College never gave Sanchez permission to use the photograph and she is “very irritated” her work is being used in this way.

"Barry" Obama

"Barry" Obama

NORML believes the picture is protected by the “fair use” rules.

The Obama Joker poster that has gone viral in recent days is still mysterious.  No one seems to know who created that image, in which Obama’s face is painted like Heath Ledger’s character in the “Dark Knight”.  The original photo was taken from a TIME magazine cover.

Obama Socialism

Obama Socialism




NORML also has used other posters for their cause, but no one has made a big deal of these pictures.