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80 year old Mom Shoots at Police in Tennessee

An elderly woman fired several shots at officers Friday night in a standoff that began when deputies tried to capture her 60 year old son in Jackson Tennessee.

The local paper, The Jackson Sun, reported that an 80 year old West Tennessee woman and her son are being held in jail. 

Four deputies went to the woman’s mobile home on a tip that her son was there.  The officers heard the man talking inside and when they knocked on the door, the woman opened it, then slammed it shut and fired a shot through it!

The deputies took cover and during the hour long standoff, two more shots were fired through the door.

There were no injuries.  The deputies found the man hiding in a closet.

Sheriff Deputies take sexy picture of waitress

Sometimes even cops wanna have fun!…

Several (5) deputies from Midland County Texas where on a training session near Austin Texas.  To unwind, they stopped at a restaurant in Round Rock called Twin Peaks which promotes a “Fun, Friendly and sometimes Flirty Atmosphere!”

The officers confirmed they had 3 to 5 beers each and where having some fun.  During this fun, they took a picture of one of the waitresses holding a rifle, sitting on the trunk of the police cruiser.  During this fun photo shoot, someone complained to the local police of a girl with a weapon on the premises…Round Rock police arrived.

Deputies Investigated

Sheriff Gary Painter fired on of the Midland County deputies and suspended three others without pay.  A fifth officer was repremended (he choose to stay inside the restaurant during the fun photo shoot).