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US State and Local government grows despite recession

While businesses across the United States slash jobs, state and local governments have actually increased employment slightly since the economic recession began in December 2007, according to a report released on Thursday.

“As is the typical pattern in recessions, overall state and local government employment continued to grow after the start of the recession, although there has been a small decline since the August 2008 peak,” said Donald J. Boyd, author of the report by the Rockefeller Institute of Government, in a statement.

Total employment in state and local government rose in 30 states, fell in 16 and was unchanged in four during the last year, the report found.

Governments have added about 110,000 jobs since the recession began, according to the report by the Rockefeller Institute, which is the public policy research arm of the State University of New York.

The recession’s impact on government employment typically lags that of the private sector, Boyd said.

“Further employment reductions are almost certainly on the way,” he said.

At least 20 states have imposed unpaid furlough days on their workers to cut spending without having to resort to layoffs, according to the report.

States also have been able to avoid shedding jobs with help from the more than $36 billion for fiscal relief they have received under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the report said. (Reporting by Karen Pierog; Editing by Jan Paschal)

PETA crosses the line…again!

PETA's new billboard in Jacksonville, FL

PETA's new billboard in Jacksonville, FL

PETA’s latest marketing campaign shows a heavy set women’s back with a slogan of “Save the Whales,  Lose the blubber: Go Vegetarian”…

Let me count the many reasons why this may be offensive…for starters, I don’t think school yard meanness is a way to grab attention in helping anyone! 

I know PETA is all about getting attention and being over the top with their tactics.  But being judgmental in such a mean way is offensive.

Yes, we know being overweight has negative effects with your health, esteem and life style.  We get it! 

If PETA wants to help these women, how about showing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?….

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Congressman Eric Cantor “Stimulus not working as well as advertised”

A member of the House Republican leadership says he doesn’t think the $787 billion economic stimulus program the Obama administration pushed through Congress earlier this year has worked as advertised.

House GOP Whip Eric Cantor of Richmond said Tuesday that no one should be touting the benefits of stimulus — as Vice President Joe Biden has — at a time when national unemployment is at 9.4 percent.

Interviewed on CBS’s “The Early Show,” he said that when the administration pressed Congress to act immediately, it projected joblessness no higher than 8.5 percent. Cantor said at a job fair recently, some 3,200 people showed up in 90-degree weather and said people are still worried job security.